What Happens If I Have Drugs in My Possession?

If you have a controlled substance in your car, hand bag, or pocket, you could be charged with possession of drugs. Depending on the situation and the amount, you could face the more severe charge of possession with the intent to distribute, in violation of Washington’s drug distribution laws. State law prohibits an individual from engaging in the following actions: 1) Manufacturing or delivering — or possessing with intent to manufacture or deliver — a controlled substance; 2) Creating, delivering, or possessing a counterfeit controlled substance and 3) Compensating, threatening, or otherwise involving a minor in an unlawful controlled substance transaction.

Although Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use, retail sales are restricted to sales to those age 21 and older by Washington-licensed entities regulated by the state.Like distribution, cultivation of marijuana is restricted despite the drug’s legality. Only licensed growers are allowed to cultivate for recreational use. However, home cultivation is permitted for medicinal marijuana under specific circumstances.

Like many states, Washington classifies controlled substances by “schedules.” The schedules (based on a federal classification) are determined by their level of danger and the connection between a high risk of addiction; in general, the higher the risk for addiction, the greater the danger level, which means that the charges associated with the more dangerous drugs correlate to more severe penalties.

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