What’s in a Definition?

The Seattle City Council recently proposed legislation that would allow for the dismissal of some poverty related misdemeanor crimes. The legislation does so by expanding the definition of duress. If approved, defense attorneys would be allowed to argue that a person’s addiction, mental health disorder or poverty level influenced his criminal act. Offenses covered by… Continue Reading »

Acronym Acrimony

Is the Caution Against Racial and Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act (otherwise known as, “CAREN”) legislation about to become law in San Francisco? If so, can Seattle be far behind? Today the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will decide. CAREN came about because the people of San Francisco are simply fed up with white people calling 911… Continue Reading »

ACLU Challenges Unpaid Ticket Law

Last week the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took a big step in protecting Washington citizens by challenging the state’s practice of suspending a driver’s privilege to drive when he/she fails to pay their traffic fine(s). The ACLU’s argument is that the suspension unjustly favors the wealthy, and punishes the financially challenged, a huge proportion… Continue Reading »

Legislative Change Afoot?

Under Washington Law officers can only be decertified under a very narrow set of circumstances. Often the process drags on for years and years. This is so regardless of how egregious the misconduct may have been, and officers generally get to maintain their badge during the process. Clearly that is problem and may inhibit timely… Continue Reading »

Change is Inevitable, it Seems

As the days and months of protests continue on, at least one U.S. city has taken to a new way of policing. The City of Buffalo, New York – as a calculated measure of safety – is now permitting its police officers to no longer display their names on their uniforms. Buffalo’s new rule only… Continue Reading »

What is a Video Worth?

With the continuous civil strife going on, there has been a huge push for police accountability in Washington State. One mechanism to accomplish this goal is body cameras. The investment in such devices, however, is quite prohibitive for many cities and counties throughout Washington State. There are, in fact, only a couple of police departments… Continue Reading »

Shooting Creates Double Trouble

It appears that amid all of the chaos resulting from Seattle politics and the social justice movement, folks are choosing to take matters into their own hands – for better or for worse. Case in point, on Saturday afternoon two men were arrested after being involved in a shooting and automotive crash in Seattle’s South… Continue Reading »

Exodus in the Works

With the current state of affairs at the Seattle Police Department (“SPD“), numerous officers are electing to leave the force. Not to start a new career, but to be a law enforcement agent with a different agency. In fact, it appears that many SPD officers are headed to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department (“PCSD“). Ed… Continue Reading »

Changes in SPD Business Practices

On Wednesday it was announced by the ‘powers that be’ that the Seattle Police Department is beginning the process of reassigning 100 officers and supervisors to the 911 response team. The key – focus policing on community engagement. How? By ensuring that the SPD has personnel available to respond to emergency calls, solve problems, and… Continue Reading »

Back at It, They Are

Law enforcement is at it again – Emphasis Patrols. This time it is the Washington State Patrol. In line with other law enforcement agencies in-and-around the nation, the WSP is conducting DUI emphasis patrols. It is part of a nationwide effort to curb buzzed (drunk) driving. Through Labor Day (this year that is 9/7/20) extra… Continue Reading »

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