Watch Out for the Party Patrol

If you’re underage and thinking about throwing a wild “kegger” in Pierce County, you should probably reevaluate your plans.

The county’s Party Intervention Patrol has been on a tear of late, shutting down multiple parties and arresting more than 50 people for minor in possession of alcohol, DUI and providing a house for an underage party. If you find yourself facing DUI charges, contact your Seattle DUI Lawyers at SQ Attorney for aggressive representation.

Although they won’t get into specifics, but the Party Intervention Patrol has plans to undergo nearly 20 more nights of patrols throughout the year and into early 2012. The Seattle DUI Attorneys at SQ Attorneys specialize in DUI’s and will ensure that you are well protected.

While some teens might see the patrols as being the “fun police,” the 14 law enforcement agencies that make up the Party Intervention Patrol are serious about stemming the tide of teen injuries and deaths due to alcohol and drug use.

Here a bit more about the project from a county news release:

Before the Party Invention Patrols were started, an average of eight impaired teenagers died each year in vehicle crashes in Pierce County. Only one impaired teen driver died in 2010. Since 2007, Party Intervention Patrol officers have been credited with rescuing a teen suffering from alcohol poisoning who was left in a bath tub at a party, an impaired young driver found unconscious and slumped over the steering wheel in the middle of the road, and an underage girl found walking down railroad tracks after drinking with adults at a nearby bar.

Washington Underage drinking laws and Washington DUI laws are generally very tough. It is clear that the legislature plans on making these laws even tougher in the not so distant future. If you or a loved one is cited or charged with underage drinking and/or DUI in Western Washington it is imperative that a Seattle DUI attorney be retained as soon as possible to ensure all personal, professional and financial interests are protected. Seattle DUI Lawyers Greg Schwesinger and Saad Qadri of SQ Attorneys represent defendants and petitioners through all phases of their criminal case, whether DUI or otherwise. This includes not only fighting for the accused’s rights and interests at all criminal court proceedings, but also fighting for the accused’s driving privileges during an administrative telephonic hearing through the Washington State Department of Licensing. The Seattle DUI defense attorneys of SQ Attorneys are experienced and proven negotiators that make a world of difference for those accused of DUI. SQ Attorneys is a team of seasoned Seattle DUI lawyers that work tireless to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client they have the honor of representing. Arrested for underage drinking and/or DUI in Western Washington? Call The Criminal Defense Team of SQ Attorneys at (206) 441-0900 or (425) 998-8384 for an initial free consultation.

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