Seattle set to Eradicate "Conviction" Stigma

On November 1, 2013 Employers in Seattle must commence following new rules for use of conviction and arrest records for jobs posted within the city limits of Seattle. SMC Ordinance 14.17 institutes the following rules and regulations for jobs not involving unsupervised access to children under the age of 16, developmentally disabled persons, or vulnerable adults: (1) a prohibition against categorical exclusions in job ads within the Seattle city limits; (2) a prohibition against criminal history questions on job applications and criminal background checks until after an initial screening to eliminate unqualified applicants; (3) a requirement for a legitimate business reason to deny a job based on a conviction record; and (4) a requirement to permit for a job applicant or employee the opportunity to explain or correct his criminal conviction information.

SMC Ordinance 14.17 is intended to provide folks with a second chance in life, and to create fairness and opportunities amongst peers. Too often those convicted of a crime are labeled as “bad” or unemployable. SMC Ordinance 14.17 will, to a degree, “even the playing field” and eradicate these labels and unnecessary “branding” of people once caught up in our legal justice system.

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