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Note to self, bringing a concealed weapon onto a Washington State ferry may get you arrested. Just ask a man who was arrested last month for doing just that, carrying an AR-15 style weapon aboard a ferry bound for Whidbey Island. He made the mistake of exposing ammunition for the weapon, which by all accounts… Continue Reading »

Can’t pay a traffic ticket? You may soon be in luck. Why? Because Washington State lawmakers recently proposed a measure that would prevent a driver’s license from being suspended if a person cannot pay or doesn’t respond to a traffic ticket. The measure, if passed, would eliminate suspended licenses for those who are unable to… Continue Reading »

‘Go Green’ has been a big push in Washington State for years now, and at least one law enforcement agency is actively joining the movement. The Washington State Patrol has announced that it is buying three 2020 Ford Interceptor hybrid SUVs at approximately $45,850 a pop. The purchase is the first of its kind for… Continue Reading »

It is official! In King County no one over the age of 12 is allowed to urinate in public. Previously seventeen cities within King County had local laws against public urination and defecation. As of Monday, in an effort to cover the unincorporated, rural parts of the county, the Metropolitan King County Council adopted legislation… Continue Reading »

On November 1, 2013 Employers in Seattle must commence following new rules for use of conviction and arrest records for jobs posted within the city limits of Seattle. SMC Ordinance 14.17 institutes the following rules and regulations for jobs not involving unsupervised access to children under the age of 16, developmentally disabled persons, or vulnerable adults:… Continue Reading »

In Washington State it is unlawful for any person under the age of twenty-one years to possess, consume, or otherwise acquire any liquor. A violation of this Washington law (RCW 66.44.270) is a gross misdemeanor punishable by 364 days of jail and a fine of $5,000. Keeping in line with RCW 66.44.270, Washington State is… Continue Reading »