What is a Video Worth?

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With the continuous civil strife going on, there has been a huge push for police accountability in Washington State. One mechanism to accomplish this goal is body cameras. The investment in such devices, however, is quite prohibitive for many cities and counties throughout Washington State. There are, in fact, only a couple of police departments in Washington State that have body cameras for their officers – Seattle and Bellingham. Perhaps the latest shooting in Redmond may sway its city council to invest in body cams.

On Sunday Redmond police officers shot a 39 year old woman dead at the Modera luxury apartment complex. The woman had apparently called 911claiming that she had shot someone. However, upon arrival officers did not find anyone in the apartment except for the woman herself. Sometime during their response, the woman confronted the officers with a hand gun. Multiple shots were fired. The woman was killed. None of the officers were injured. Another civilian downed by police aggression. Was the shooting justified? Was it necessary? Were the officers’ lives truly in danger?

These types of shootings are the types of incidents that have led to cries for police accountability, the defunding of police and the overhaul/ reorganization of all law enforcement. Without a clear understanding of what happened on Sunday – and only the police officers’ account of the event – folks are rightfully skeptical about the officers’ actions. Body cameras would have at least given some context to the situation; cameras would have confirmed or dispelled the account provided by the officers.

Although expensive, it is high time that our legislative bodies invest in outfitting each police officer with a body worn camera. An air of transparency is a necessity considering all that has been happening around the country over the past 12 months. The Redmond City Council would be well advised – as would all Washington Cities and Counties – to quit pontificating about whether the ‘ends justifies the means’ and simply act, outfit police officers with body cameras – lives are at stake.

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