Warrants still in Vogue

This past Monday the US Supreme Court’s more liberal members, acting as the court’s majority, ruled that law enforcement is not carte blanche allowed to inspect hotel and motel guest registries; they either need an owner’s consent or a judge’s permission via a warrant. The ruling most likely will have a much broader impact than just hotel and motel registries, and serves as notice that warrantless searches done to assist in the curtailing of prostitution and illicit drug dealing will not be tolerated.

A group of hotel and motel owners challenged a Los Angeles ordinance because they objected to the fact that it allowed the police to look at the registries at any time of day or night without the owner’s consent and without a warrant. Justice Scalia, who is well known to be a ‘strict constructionist’ with regard to his legal views, noted that the majority’s basis for its ruling and alternatives to searching registries without a warrant or owner authorization was “equal parts ‘1984’ and ‘Alice and Wonderland’”, and that the majority had struck a needless blow to a barely intrusive law enforcement practice. In other words, Justice Scalia saw no problem with carte blanche searches of hotel and motel registries.

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