Upgrade to Crime Fighting on the Way

Law enforcement is trying to streamline its ability to enforce the laws of Washington State and crack down on crime. An example of this “streamlining” is the replacement of outdated radio systems. The Washington State Patrol says it can replace its radio system for at least $12 million less than expected under a plan that will sidestep the competitive bidding process.

The federal Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has invited the Washington State Patrol (“WSP”) to join its system rather than build its own. State patrol officials say a partnership with the federal government lowers the cost of a technology upgrade to $41 million; however, only Motorola’s equipment has the necessary features compatible with the DOJ radio system. It’s an overhaul aimed at complying with a Federal Communications Commission mandate to free up space on the radio spectrum for more users. If state and local agencies miss a federal deadline of Jan. 1, 2013, they face the risk of losing reception in nearly a third of the state.

The Legislature agreed to have the WSP move to a digital system that the WSP says will fully avoid losing coverage areas and even expand its system’s reach in some places. The new radios also are expected to make it easier for troopers to talk to other police agencies and firefighters; WSP troopers should find it easier to talk to federal law enforcement, and many large Puget Sound area police agencies — including King and Snohomish counties and the city of Seattle. Troopers also could talk to agencies that use different equipment, but might not be able to use all of the system’s features; for example, being able to pinpoint a GPS location.

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