Think Again, Jedi

Think that our Washington laws on search and seizure are tougher than our federal laws? Well think again … at least as applied to the searching and seizing of bank, phone and email records.

On Thursday the Washington State Supreme Court upheld a little known state law that allows the government to get bank records without a search warrant. Under the 1971 law, the government is permitted to get a person’s bank records, phone records and even possibly email records without showing ‘probable cause’ that a crime has been committed; they can get these items under the lesser standard – ‘reason to suspect’ a crime. The information is obtained by way of a subpoena issued via a secret hearing called a ‘special inquiry judge proceeding’. This proceeding allows a judge to issue a subpoena for evidence such as bank, phone or email records, at the request of a prosecutor who has reason to suspect a crime has been committed. The person whose records are obtained is not even necessarily informed of the subpoena, and he doesn’t even really have a right to challenge the validity of the subpoena regardless of whether his is charged with a crime. Thursday’s decision upheld a conviction of a man who authorities claim swindled $1.7 million in a real estate scam.  The majority of the court (there were two dissenting justices) equated the special inquiry judge proceeding to a federal grand jury, which has the authority to issue subpoenas for bank records at any time.

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