Speaking Out in Seattle Can Cost Anyone Their Job

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Monday the Seattle Deputy Police Chief position became vacant “until further notice.”  This is because Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced the demotion of the then current Deputy Chief, Garth Green.  The announcement came roughly four months after Green made harsh comments about sex workers at a city council meeting.  During that meeting there was a heated exchange between Green and the Seattle City Council wherein Green defended the department’s targeting of sex workers for arrest claiming that some women “enjoyed” working on the street. The comments quickly prompted an apology letter from Chief Best to the City Council.  The demotion  returns Green to his civil service rank of Lieutenant with the SPD; over 19 years of service Green has served as a patrol officer, sergeant, SWAT team member and patrol operations lieutenant.  It goes to show … in Seattle if you are insensitive to certain liberal issues, you just may lose your position, and perhaps even your job … so word to the wise, best not rile the Seattle City Council if you want to stay employed with the City.

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