SPD Ruses Under the Spot Light?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Seattle police are now officially prohibited from deliberately misinforming (in certain circumstances) a citizen by way of a ruse in the hopes of developing proof that they committed, or are about to commit, a crime. This new policy has been in the making for nearly three years. It comes after officers’ tactics caused more harm than good. For instance, in one case officers investigating a hit and run fender bender falsely alleged that the other driver of the accident was critically injured. The offender of the hit and run committed suicide thereafter. Outrage over the officers’ tactics to get an admission ensued.

The new ruse policy now prohibits Seattle police from using radio broadcasts, social media or any other mass media format to spread false information to further an investigation. Further the policy: (1) prohibits any ruse that would shock the conscience, (2) doesn’t allow officers to make or imply promises about leniency in prosecution or filing decisions, and (3) requires – (a) the reporting of all ruses, and (b) supervisor approval before implementation. It is believed the new policy will improve police work and accountability, which we all know have been called into question over the past several years.

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