Proposed DUI Changes Awaiting Governor Approval

On March 8, 2012 the Washington State Legislature approved a host of changes to state laws against driving under the influence (“DUI”) of alcohol or drugs. The proposed laws awaiting the governor’s signature would:

(1) keep felony DUI-related convictions on a person’s criminal record permanently; (2) require impaired drivers who get their licenses reinstated to install in their car an ignition-locking device equipped with a camera (that way, authorities can better determine whether the person breathing into the device to start the car is, in fact, the person behind the wheel.); (3) allow prosecutors to bring DUI charges against people who drive impaired after inhaling or huffing chemicals. The bill that Gov. Christine Gregoire is expected to sign would also make the jail/ prison penalty for DUI vehicular homicide 6 ½ to 8 ½ years, the same as manslaughter. Currently the maximum prison sentence for DUI vehicular homicide is four years.

Another bill currently in the House rules committee would allow courts to order impaired DUI drivers to pay child support to the minor children of the those folks killed or harmed by the impaired driver.

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