Screws are Tightening on King County DV Cases

Recently King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg voiced his concern that he believed that domestic-violence cases are receiving inadequate attention in King County because Seattle police shifted investigation duties of apparent misdemeanor DV offenses from detectives to patrol officers. Satterberg alleged in a 2014 letter to the King County Counsel that the change hindered misdemeanor investigations and made it more difficult to determine which domestic violence cases rise to the level of a felony.

Satterberg’s statements come on the heels of campaign-trail exchanges between state senator Ed Murray and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wherein Murray accused McGinn of giving less priority to domestic-violence matters; Murray criticized McGinn’s decision to eliminate the city’s office and director devoted to domestic violence and move its functions to a larger department. Murray has pledged to restore the office if he is elected. McGinn vehemently disputes Murray’s charge against him.

In response to Satterberg’s allegations (and probably the Murray and McGinn battle of words), Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel reiterated his department’s longstanding commitment to domestic-violence cases and announced he was taking immediate steps to bolster domestic violence investigations.

What are our thoughts on these latest developments in King County? It would seem that domestic violence cases are soon to get as much attention as Washington DUI’s have recently received. The King County district, municipal and superior court dockets are undoubtedly going to balloon as the ‘crackdown’ on domestic violence and DUI’s continues in King County, Washington.

Things in the domestic violence arena are intensifying, just like Washington’s recently modified DUI laws. Those facing a DV charge best get prepared to protect themselves, or face the specter of the government causing havoc in their life; folks in Washington who face a domestic violence based criminal charge would best be served by hiring a qualified Seattle domestic violence attorney to help them with the meanderings of our criminal court system. The Seattle domestic violence attorneys that make up the criminal defense team of SQ Attorneys are highly qualified and reputable Seattle domestic violence lawyers that are dedicated to providing top notch, aggressive representation for those arrested for crime all across Western Washington and the Greater Puget Sound region. The team creates success by working with law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney’s office to ensure that all facts and circumstances related to the criminal allegations are considered in creating the fairest, most equitable and just resolution possible in light of all the surrounding circumstances of the given case. So, whether cited for assault, property destruction or some other domestic violence related crime, protect yourself … call SQ Attorneys immediately.

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