How Can I Get a Restraining Order?

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In the State of Washington a restraining order or sometimes known as a protection order, is a legal document issued by a judge to protect the health and safety of someone alleged to be a victim of any act involving violence, force, or threat that results in bodily injury or places that person in fear of death, sexual assault, or bodily injury.

A domestic violence order for protection (DVOP) is a legal document signed by a judge ordering the abuser to stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. It offers civil protection from domestic violence to both women and men who are victims. There are two types of DVOP. First, there is an Ex Parte Order for Protection which lasup to 14 days or until a full hearing. It’s an emergency protective order designed to protect a victim until the court hearing for a final order for protection. Upon filing, the court will hold a hearing either in person or by telephone where the applicant will tell the judge the order for protection is needed. A judge will grant the temporary order only if they believe that the applicant is in immediate danger of a severe injury. Secondly, there are Final Order for Protections which lasts up to one year or can be permanent. The hearing will be no more than 14 days from the date a person is granted a temporary order.

If the judge included in the order a provision that the abuser can’t contact their minor children, then that part of the order for protection can only last up to a year. However, the applicant can apply to renew that part of the order at the end of the one-year period.

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