House Bill 1651 Moves On

Seattle criminal defense attorneys are on notice that on Wednesday a bill was approved by the state House (“House Bill 1651”) that would allow the sealing of most juvenile-court records. This bill potentially helps teenage criminals move on in life, but it also potentially hinders scrutiny of one of the most closely watched sectors of government.

Under House Bill 1651, juvenile cases would technically be open to the public, but there would be essentially no record of them, and the bill would not affect cases involving the most serious violent and sexual crimes. Currently, the system is open, but criminals (juvenile or otherwise) can petition to seal court records after a set amount of time; there is, in essence, a record of the proceedings, which is the way it works in many states, although many states routinely seal juvenile records after a set period of time.

The bill now moves to the state Senate, where its ultimate fate is not certain. Many lawmakers and critics have expressed concern that the proposal would take away valuable information from employers and landlords trying to get information about job and housing applicants, and from members of the media reporting on the juvenile-justice system. Several law-enforcement groups have, in fact, opposed the bill, and many Republicans only supported the bill after more exemptions were added, the exemptions now include murder, manslaughter, rape, serious assault, arson and kidnapping.

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