Got DUI? Get Towed!

As most of us know, being convicted of DUI will result in punishment, sanctions and embarrassment. What many folks don’t know, however, is that simply being arrested for DUI can result in a penalty. Since the summer of 2011, Washington police officers making DUI arrests have been required to tow a person’s car from the scene and hold it at the tow lot for a period of 12 hours. The officer no longer has a choice. It is mandatory, not discretionary.

The law requiring a person’s vehicle to be towed after a DUI arrest is known as Hailey’s Law. It was created to ensure that an alleged drunk driver does not return to his car and drive it following his arrest and release from custody.  The law itself is named for a woman who was seriously injured when struck by a person who had been arrested for DUI, returned to his vehicle upon being released, and then drove again despite being commanded not to by law enforcement.

Under Hailey’s Law, a car is to be towed and held at the tow yard for at least 12 hours; the only exception to this requirement is that if the registered owner of the vehicle is not the arrested driver. The hold is not free. As with any tow hold, there is an exorbitant fee to be paid to get the car back ($350-$500). Thus, tow yards are at the ready, eagerly awaiting that fateful call from law enforcement personnel.

If cited for DUI in Washington state be smart and immediately seek the assistance of a Seattle DUI lawyer. A qualified and respected Seattle DUI attorney can quite possibly save a person thousands of dollars in court and insurance fees. Washington DUI laws are far too complicated for any ol’ attorney to handle. Be smart … hire a qualified and skilled Seattle DUI attorney when arrested for DUI in Washington State.

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