Give me a ‘T’ for Terry

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SQ Attorneys

Many folks wonder aloud to SQ Attorneys – What in the pray tell is a “Terry stop”? To that end, here is the answer. In short, it is a police-civilian contact that involves the stop and limited detention of an individual. Such contacts are authorized under law for purposes of investigation; they occur when an officer has reasonable suspicion to believe that an individual is engaging in, has engaged in, or is about to engage in criminal activity. During the course of a Terry stop, an officer may develop probable cause to effect an arrest, but probable cause is not required to make the initial stop/ contact. It is believed by ‘the powers that be’ that investigative stops – when supported by reasonable suspicion (a.k.a, Terry stops) – are a useful tool to address potential criminal activity.

In an effort to exude transparency, the Seattle Police Department continually releases its Terry stop data to its Portal. See . The Department’s policies regarding arrests, and search and seizures are collectively published  in Title 6 of the SPD Manual, and SPD requirements for conducting and documenting Terry stops are specifically outlined in Section 6.220 of the Manual.

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