Efforts to Curb Recidivism

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

There has been a recent uprising in the Seattle business community to stamp out the recidivism rate of crime in the City. Earlier this week Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan was pressured by groups representing Seattle businesses to deal with repeat offenders that are making the City unsafe. They want more done to find ways to curb crime and to help rehabilitate repeat offenders. The business owners are rightfully tired of the incessant assaults, open drug use and overall erratic behavior causing the disorder in and around the city of Seattle. As it stands now, the criminal justice system is not effectively dealing with the problem, and these repeat offenders are simply cycling through the system over and over without being sufficiently held accountable for their criminal conduct.

It is thought that straight incarceration is not the answer, but as it stands now the City does not have sufficient rehabilitative answers in place to resolve the perplexing issue. In its letter to the city’s leaders, the group representing the city business owners suggested that there needs to be a wholesale reform of the city’s criminal justice system.

It is clear everyone recognizes there is no ‘easy’ answer to the dilemma. That said, there needs to be a solution to the problem because the consequences are quickly escalating and our city streets are becoming more dangerous by the day. The crimes at issue range from theft to assault and everything in-between; they are committed in the same neighborhoods over a sustained and lengthy period of time. This obviously negatively impacts city businesses and the overall safety of the community as a whole. The ball is now in the City leaders’ proverbial court to figure out a workable solution that takes into account the safety of the community, and also helps those who are causing the problems due to drug addiction, homelessness and/or mental health issues.

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