Criminal Activity on the Rise?

Small towns across the U.S. that are currently enjoying a boom in oil and gas drilling are also dealing with a sharp increase in drunken driving, bar fights and other spikes in alleged criminal violations. Some blame this increase on the influx of young men who find themselves with lots of money in their pockets and nothing to do after they get off of work. The drilling industries have allegedly created a hard-working, hard-drinking ethic that some believe may eventually start to overwhelm law enforcement agencies; in fact, some police departments are trying to hire more police officers to deal with the perceived problem.

A prime example of this small town phenomena can be found in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Bradford County is currently the location of the nation’s largest-known natural gas reservoir. The influx of workers from around the country to Bradford County has been accompanied by significant increases in arrests, traffic violations, protection-from-abuse orders and warrants issued for people who don’t show up in court, law enforcement officials claim. In Bradford County alone, DUI arrests by state troopers are on track to rise 40 percent this year after climbing 60 percent last year, and the number of sentences handed out for criminal offenses was up 35 percent in 2010.

The drilling boom in these small towns has been made possible because of the advent of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing – a technique that cracks open rock layers to free natural gas. Large numbers of workers are needed to operate drilling equipment, drive trucks, handle chemicals, lay pipeline and perform other tasks drilling related tasks. The work hours are long and tedious. Some employees put in two weeks on, two weeks off. Entry-level laborers and truck drivers can make $40,000 or more, while workers on the drilling rigs can easily pull down twice that amount, and their employers often pick up the tab for hotels, meals and other related work costs. This apparently leaves workers flush with money to spend on alcohol and or drugs and in like turn the increases in alleged criminal activity.

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