Stem the DV Stigma

Domestic violence related crimes in Washington State invariably have a very harsh and very negative impact on the people they are leveled against. Washington citizens charged and/or convicted of domestic violence related crimes can be removed from their home, and have their right to bear firearms taken away; in fact, those folks charged with a domestic violence related crime may even be required to forfeit (give up) their weapons to the government. Additionally, those charged and/or convicted of a domestic violence related allegation will undoubtedly suffer the stigma of being labeled as an “abuser”. This can negatively impact both a person’s personal as well as professional life, and can negatively impact one’s ability to earn a living, even more so than what our economy has already inflicted. A good Seattle domestic violence lawyer can stem the negative impacts of a domestic violence charge and/or conviction.

Many domestic violence charges are the result of situations that have spun out of control during a brief moment in time. Arguments that got heated and the boundaries crossed. What happened may have simply been a misunderstanding between loved ones. Unfortunately, making things right is not as simple as explaining your side of the story and having the charges magically go away. The alleged victim is not a party to the court proceeding; the parties in the criminal suit involve the government against the defendant and often the government does not care if the alleged victim doesn’t want the case to proceed or otherwise move forward. In fact, the government will most likely ask the court to impose a temporary no contact order (NCO) so as to keep the parties separated from one another, whether they want to be or not. This may mean that one of the parties (the victim or the defendant) may find him or herself homeless; it may even cause others in the house to become homeless. Such an awful situation can last weeks, months or even years. This is one of the points of leverage that the prosecution uses to get people to agree to plea deals that may not be a true fit for the circumstances of their case just so they can go home or put their family back together. Another equally harsh tactic prosecutors employ is to overcharge a crime and then offer a plea that does not reflect an accurate picture of what happened.

Restraining orders, the loss of your Second Amendment right to have a gun, not being able to return home, and social stigma are all good reasons to find a qualified Seattle domestic violence attorney who is dedicated to uncovering your side of the story and making sure that it is heard when a domestic violence allegation has been leveled against you.

Because of the grave consequences associated with domestic violence related allegations, it is of paramount importance that a person accused of committing a crime involving domestic violence have a strong and articulate advocate on his/her side. At SQ Attorneys our Seattle domestic violence lawyers have over twenty plus years of criminal trial experience. We believe in systematically investigating the criminal allegations brought against our clients and in bringing each client’s story to light in the courtroom, before prosecutors, judges and the jury. SQ Attorneys works tirelessly to make sure that our client’s stories are told, and that the court sees more than just the fact that they’re criminally charged when they look at them. The Seattle criminal attorneys that make up the criminal defense team of SQ Attorneys have the ability and the passion to accomplish just this goal. If accused of a domestic violence related crime, protect your rights – contact SQ Attorneys at (206) 441-0900 or (425) 998-8384. It will be the best decision you make all day.

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