Increase in Criminal Complaints? Time will Tell.

Seattle criminal defense attorneys and Bellevue criminal defense lawyers may be getting an increase in call volume in the not so distant future. Certain crimes can now be reported on-line in King County by going to A crime reported: (1) cannot be an emergency, (2) cannot be a crime in progress, (3) must have no known suspects, (4) must have no evidence left behind, and (5) must not have occurred on a freeway, Sound Transit or on a Metro bus. Reportable crimes may include – among other things – car prowls, vandalism, thefts, identity thefts, and narcotics violations.

Criminal on-line reporting is for residents of unincorporated King County and the twelve communities that contract for police services from the King County Sheriff’s Office. Criminal on-line reporting was developed to reduce frustration and wait times for victims. Only crime victims who have an active e-mail address can use the system. In addition, the site authorizes residents to print their reports/ complaints so as to expedite insurance claims by allowing people to send the printed documentation to their insurance providers.

In many instances, a qualified Seattle criminal attorney can significantly reduce the impact that a criminal charge will have on an individual’s life and profession. The right Seattle criminal lawyer will be worth his/her weight in gold when protecting a person’s rights, freedom and future. The Seattle criminal defense lawyers that make up the litigation team of SQ Attorneys are dedicated to defending those accused of committing a crime. They have the experience, knowledge and resources to successfully defend your case and to protect you from the consequences that may arise as a result of the criminal allegations. Unlike other law firms that practice in many areas of the law, SQ Attorneys is focused on criminal defense in Western Washington.

If you or a loved one is faced with a criminal charge in Western Washington, you deserve the assistance of a reputable and qualified Seattle criminal attorney who will relentlessly defend your case. You deserve a Seattle criminal defense lawyer who has an intimate understanding of Washington’s criminal laws and the legal issues that could win your case. You deserve a Seattle criminal defense lawyer who is not afraid to stand up against the prosecution and aggressively fight for your rights and interests. SQ Attorneys is the right Western Washington law firm for the job. Call for a free initial consultation – (206) 441.0900 (Seattle); (425) 998-8384 (Eastside) – it will be the best decision you make all day.

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