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SQ Attorneys

With all of the social strife going on around the United States today, it isn’t surprising that a contingent of Ford Motor Company Employees have asked the company’s leadership to stop making and selling police vehicles. This position is in line with the growing racial justice movements – Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police. The Ford Motor Company’s upper management, at the moment, appears stoic, and in response to the employees’ demands has maintained that “… the Ford Police Interceptor [actually] helps officers do their job,” and thus the company will continue the business of making and selling police vehicles because “they make officers safer and more accountable”.

Ford’s position is that the issues plaguing police credibility have nothing to do with the vehicles they’re driving. That position isn’t surprising in light of the fact that Ford has the market when it comes to making police cars. The company accounts for two-thirds of the law enforcement cars on our city streets. The employees want Ford to take some kind of action by July 15th. Regardless of the current social climate, that seems very unlikely to happen. Ford’s position is that the circumstances present the company with a unique opportunity to not only innovate new solutions but also leverage its position to support the reform needed to create safer communities across the country. In short, the continued building of the vehicles supports and even possibly enhances the social change sought by the BLM and Defund the Police movements. So, for now, Ford will remain a leader in cop car development.

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