Alcohol/ Drugs and Crime

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SQ Attorneys

In criminal cases it is common to have facts that involve alcohol and/or drugs. This is so because both obviously inhibit, or otherwise cloud, judgment, and when that happens … well … things like driving under the influence, assaults and even thefts may seem ok to do in the moment. Poor decision making undoubtedly got the best of celebrity fishing-boat captain, and reality TV star, Sig Hansen who recently was convicted and sentenced in Seattle Municipal Court for assaulting an Uber driver after a night of drinking in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood last year.

The court, after hearing both the prosecutor’s and defendant’s recommendations, gave Mr. Hansen a deferred sentence that included and action item that he undergo alcohol treatment and be on probation for a year. The court’s decision didn’t come easy however, as last month Judge McKenna postponed Mr. Hansen’s sentencing after raising concerns about his drinking because there was also an Alaska 2008 disorderly conduct case wherein Mr. Hansen was allegedly drunk and punched a man at least twice in a bar. Judge McKenna only gave a deferred sentence (as opposed to a suspended sentence) after considering the fact that Mr. Hansen voluntarily agreed to: (1) outpatient treatment, and (2) abstain from drug and alcohol use for the next year. Judge McKenna ordered Mr. Hansen to pay a $43 conviction fine, avoid criminal-law violations, abstain from using alcohol and marijuana, and be monitored by city probation for a year. Because the sentence was ‘deferred’, Mr. Hansen can have his conviction dropped in a year, as long as he stays out of trouble and complies with the other court conditions.

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