37 Newbies with WSP

The ranks of our Washington State Patrol (“WSP”) grew by 37 earlier this month. At a ceremony on August 3, 2016, Chief Justice Barbara Madsen swore in the new troopers, and Governor Jay Inslee presented them with their commission cards. The ceremony was riff with pageantry and tradition, inclusive of a color guard, our national anthem and a prayer.

Sadly, the newly minted troopers only make a relatively minor dent in our state trooper shortage; the agency still has approximately 145 open jobs, and a wave of retirements is expected to take place over the next several years. The Washington State Patrol Academy produces approximately three cadet classes each biennium, which accounts for about 100 to 120 new troopers. Historically, however, only about four to six percent of the total number of applicants makes the grade to become WSP troopers.

In an effort to deal with recruitment and retention issues, Washington lawmakers recently boosted trooper pay at the Washington State Patrol. It is hoped this will incentivize increased interest in becoming a WSP trooper. Time will tell, but we should all be concerned that the WSP (as with all law enforcement agencies) sees fit to not hire just anyone, and focuses on maintaining a high standard and expectation for our WSP troopers. Anything less could pose a danger to the safety of our citizens – both those who need and seek help, and those who are accused of violating the law.

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