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Should the Seattle City Attorney have Cleared the Deck?

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Good news for some may mean bad news for others in Seattle. Whether it be good or bad depends on what side of the fence you are on. Good for those that had been facing a criminal charge for certain types of criminal behavior. Bad for those who were victimized by that criminal behavior. Say… Continue Reading »

What are the Laws Against Cocaine?

Cocaine is an illegal drug in each state, with separate charges for possession, sale, and trafficking. Washington cocaine laws are similar to those in other states. Simple possession can result in up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine as a maximum penalty. Defendants with relatively clean criminal records may qualify for a… Continue Reading »

Diversity for the Sake of Diversity?

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The WSP is fightin’ mad and fightin’ back. Recently the WSP criticized KING 5 for a story it ran on the station’s Facing Race platform. The story complains about a lack of diversity within WSP, as it is alleged that WSP is currently 86% white male. Curiously, however, the Stand for Truth station focused its… Continue Reading »

Can the Police Use Excessive Force?

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Excessive force refers to situations where government officials are legally entitled to use force to exceed the minimum amount necessary to diffuse an incident or to protect themselves or others from harm. This can come up in different contexts, such as when handling prisoners or even during military operations. When it involves law enforcement, especially… Continue Reading »

Can the Government be held Accountable for Malicious Prosecution?

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Has the door for suing the government for malicious prosecution been blown wide open? Some say yes due to a recent United States Supreme Court ruling. In that ruling the court paved the way for a Brooklyn man to sue the NYPD after he was falsely arrested for resisting arrest in a child molestation related… Continue Reading »

How Can I Be Charged with Resisting Arrest?

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If you are under arrest or stopped by the police, the law provides certain safeguards to govern and protect your encounter with law enforcement. While citizens have civil rights protections that address police misconduct such as false arrests or excessive force, the law also protects the officers making the arrest or the stop. When police… Continue Reading »

Can I speak at Sentencing?

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Domestic Violence victim’s rights have been slightly expanded in Washington State, as Governor Inslee signed into law a bill (SB 5612) that gives domestic violence victims, and/or their survivors, the right to make a statement during sentencing hearings. The new law goes into effect on June 9, 2022. Previously the right to speak at sentencing… Continue Reading »

What is Considered Abuse of a Child?

Child abuse is a serious crime and in many cases could be charged as a felony. In Washington, child abuse, neglect, and abandonment fall under the general chapter of “criminal mistreatment” in the state’s criminal code. It’s important to note, however, that child abuse is also addressed in the state’s domestic relations title. As in… Continue Reading »