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Employment Background Checks and DUI

Drinking and driving can have any number of unfortunate consequences, not least of which is the court summons and potential criminal liability related to the offense. The procedures and penalties for DUI charges vary by state, so it is best to check your state laws or with a local DUI attorney for exact information. Many… Continue Reading »

A Change in Timing with DOL

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When stopped and cited for a DUI with a BAC over a .o8 or with 5.00 nng THC, a driver faces losing his driving privilege for at least 90 days.  A driver who is stopped and cited for refusing a BAC is facing at least a 1 year loss of privilege to drive. Those losses… Continue Reading »

The Ignition Interlock Device Requirement

Ignition interlock devices (hereinafter “IID”) are instruments designed to prevent someone from operating a vehicle when the device finds alcohol on the driver’s breath. These devices, often installed on vehicles of those convicted of a DUI, essentially are Breathalyzer machines that control the ability to start the car. Almost all states have drunk driving laws… Continue Reading »

Poor Decisions lead to Consequences

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As it sometimes happens in and around our glorious and beautiful Northwest communities, a person (whether it be a man or a woman) seems to think they are bigger than the law. A person, who when contacted by law enforcement officers, exclaims with conviction (no pun intended), ‘contact your superior” or some such non-sense. Apparently… Continue Reading »

Below .08 can be DUI

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Many people get confused about what a .08 really means when facing a Seattle DUI. It is really pretty simple, actually. The government has at least two ways to prove DUI – prong “A” and prong “B”. Prong “A” is the ‘per se’ prong … that is, if the test result is .08 or greater… Continue Reading »

Attorney Fees and Agreements

Once you’ve decided to hire an attorney, it’s important that you review any agreements before signing on. Usually, an attorney will have a representation or fee agreement that will outline the terms of the attorney-client relationship and the fees and costs associated with the representation. Representation agreements are important because they will often let the… Continue Reading »

The Challenge of the Job

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Seattle criminal defense attorneys do the best they can for their clients. It is a tough and sometimes thankless job.  We Seattle defense lawyers pride ourselves on fighting for our clients, the constitution and ensuring that the government is held to a rigorous standard of care.  We recognize that sometimes good people make bad decisions,… Continue Reading »

Shall I Refuse the Breath Test?

To take a Breathalyzer or not can be a difficult question. The law of implied consent and blood alcohol content (BAC) testing varies from state to state. Generally, as a condition to obtaining a driver’s license, a driver has to consent in advance to submitting to a either a blood, Breathalyzer, or urine test when… Continue Reading »

Super Bowled

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Last Thursday a former director of sports marketing for Microsoft plead guilty to wire-fraud. The plea stemmed from an allegation that he used his employment position to defraud Microsoft of approximately $1 million. This amount included the theft of 62 Super Bowl tickets meant for employees, which the man sold for $200,000 online. Part of… Continue Reading »