Monthly Archives: February 2013

THC, Carboxy THC or Both?

An Arizona State appeals court has issued a ruling that upholds the right of authorities to prosecute pot smokers in Arizona for driving under the influence even when there is no evidence that they are actually high on the substance. Will Washington State follow suit, especially in light of the passage of I-502 in 2012?… Continue Reading »

And the Changes Continue

In line with I-502, the Mountlake Terrace City Council took its first look at a newly proposed ordinance relating to marijuana legalities within its city limits on Thursday. The ordinance, if adopted, would make possessing small amounts of marijuana lawful. However, under the ordinance consuming marijuana – or even opening a package of marijuana – in view of… Continue Reading »

One Month Until Sunshine Week!

The ethos of is simple and clear: “Open Government is Good Government”. The organization believes in a citizen’s “right to know”. This year Sunshine Week is March 10 – 16, 2013. The week is dedicated to a national initiative spearheaded by the American Society of News Editors to promote a dialogue about the importance… Continue Reading »

VAWA through 2016?

Updating and expanding upon our recent Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) blog: This past Monday the Senate voted 85-5 to start debating on a bill to renew the VAWA through fiscal year 2016. The bill adds protections for gays, lesbians and transsexuals, and it empowers tribal courts to issue protection orders and prosecute non-Indians who… Continue Reading »

Domestic Violence and Firearm Rights

Recently we have received many questions about domestic violence and the impact on a person’s right to possess a firearm. In short, a person convicted of a crime involving domestic violence will lose (for at least a period of time) his/her right to possess a firearm. Additionally, both law enforcement and the courts can possibly… Continue Reading »