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Wage Theft will soon be processed as a crime within the city limits Seattle. Wage theft is the intentional failure to pay an employee for work performed; on Monday, April 25, 2011, the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to make it a gross misdemeanor to knowingly withhold wages from someone who should be paid for… Continue Reading »

Theft can take many forms. It does not need to necessarily be in the form of “retail theft” or “residential theft”. It can also occur while acting in a position of employment. Case in point, an investigator for the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office resigned April 15, 2011, after he was accused of stealing drugs… Continue Reading »

As Washington DUI attorneys all know, anyone can be arrested for driving under the influence – even law enforcement officers. Case in point, a Seattle Police patrol sergeant was arrested earlier this month while off duty. The patrol sergeant – Scott Moss – told the arresting state patrol trooper that he hadn’t consumed alcohol for… Continue Reading »

The Washington State Legislature has just passed Senate Bill 5000. Both the Senate and the House passed the bill unanimously; it was forwarded to Governor Christine Gregoire for signing on Wednesday. Under the measure, if the driver of a vehicle is the vehicle’s registered owner, the car cannot be picked up for 12 hours. If there are… Continue Reading »

Seattle criminal attorneys and Bellevue criminal attorneys alike were encouraged this past week when Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law SSB 5168. Currently many gross misdemeanor crimes for which a person is sentenced to more than 364 days in jail result in automatic deportation for non-citizen residents as “aggravated felons”, regardless of whether the jail… Continue Reading »

A Skyway man – Mr. Dante Piggee – was recently charged with drunken driving, hit-and-run, reckless endangerment and driving with a suspended license in connection with an automobile accident that occurred last Wednesday in South Seattle. Mr. Piggee allegedly crashed his car while driving with his two small children; Mr. Piggee’s BMW sedan flipped after… Continue Reading »

Last weekend, while free on $75,000 bond pending an appeal for his 12th DUI conviction, a man (Dwight David Benson) crashed into the rear-end of another vehicle while apparently under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Benson could not recite the alphabet, and could not touch his fingers to his nose. Mr. Benson was arrested for: (1)… Continue Reading »

Seattle criminal defense attorneys are on notice that on Wednesday the Washington State House of Representatives passed a bill making it a criminal misdemeanor to ski in ski areas that are clearly marked as closed and hazardous. The bill applies to runs that are both out-of-bounds, and to runs that are in-bounds and have been intentionally… Continue Reading »

Intentionally failing to pay an employee for work performed is known as “wage theft”. Wage theft occurs when a worker performs his duties, and for one reason or another, his employer intentionally chooses to not pay for the work performed. Seattle criminal defense attorneys should be apprised that wage theft has become such a problem… Continue Reading »

As many Seattle DUI attorneys and Bellevue DUI attorneys know, over the past three months the Washington State Patrol (the, “WSP”) has been educating motorists about Washington State’s new Emergency Zone Law (the “EZL” – also known as the “Move Over Law”), which took effect on January 1, 2011.  As of Friday, April 1, 2011,… Continue Reading »