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We Are Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers.

SQ Attorneys is a Western Washington based law firm representing individuals who are unfortunately being investigated, arrested or charged with a crime in the State of Washington.  Our founding partners, Greg W. Schwesinger and Saad Q. Qadri have a combined twenty-one plus years of legal training and experience, the vast majority of which has solely been dedicated to assisting those facing Felonies, Gross Misdemeanors, and Misdemeanors in the Superior, District, and Municipal Courts of Washington State. Our overall training, dedication, work ethic and significant legal experience has resulted in key evidential suppression orders being signed, dismissal of cases, acquittals at trial, and significant reduction of criminal charges.

Who Are We?

We are a small, intimate Western Washington Criminal Defense law firm principled on “team work”; we have specifically chosen to handle a limited number of criminal cases so as to best represent our clientele, and to give each and every case our undivided attention and care.  This allows our team to devote its full energy and passion to each and every case and to each and every client, the honor of which we have to represent.

We are deeply concerned that our clients’ rights be protected, that they receive a fair, just and equitable outcome, and that they understand the entire legal process involved in their case, from beginning to end.  We honor and appreciate the great responsibility we owe to our clients, knowing that the service we provide can significantly impact not only their lives, but also their family members’ lives.  The results we secure for our clients ensure, to the greatest extent possible, the least negative impact on their professional and personal lives, not only for now, but also for the future.

We are a team of talented and experienced Seattle criminal trial lawyers. Our attorneys prepare every case with the expectation that the case may go to trial.  Our reputation as successful Seattle criminal trial lawyers is well established and documented.  This provides leverage at the negotiating table, and often results in our clients benefiting from the unparalleled results we obtain.

Not only do we have experience as Seattle defense attorneys, but we also have significant prosecutorial experience; this gives us a unique and very important perspective on how to successfully represent the interest of our clients in every single case we handle.

We are a team of aggressive, dedicated and passionate Western Washington Criminal Defense Lawyers, and we recognize our responsibility to keep our clients informed, to ease their understandable fears, and to be available whenever questions may arise.  We take great pride not only in our successes in obtaining excellent results for our clients, but also in our ability to earn the trust of our clients and the legal bar, and to make our clients’ experience in the legal justice system as positive as possible notwithstanding the tough situation they may face.

To get the SQ Team on your side, call (206) 441-0900 or send us an e-mail at info@sqattorneys.com.