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How Can I Get My DUI Dismissed?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a very common and one of the more serious misdemeanor offenses, you can be charged with. Being impaired by drugs or alcohol can lead to poor and impulsive decisions. While making a plan for transportation before becoming intoxicated is a good idea, mistakes happen. Though a first-offense DUI is… Continue Reading »

Traffic Camera Enforcement on Hiatus?

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Seattle Public Schools had been in talks with the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, Seattle Municipal Court and Seattle Police Department to take up the task of reviewing the tickets, with the goal of resuming enforcement late this year. But to date, nothing has been agreed upon. Continue Reading »

What Are FST’s?

Driving Under the Influence laws have evolved to encompass a wide range of dangerous driving to make roads safer. Police officers get specialized training to spot intoxicated driving. If a law enforcement officer stops you on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), you may have questions about what to expect. Part of the DUI… Continue Reading »

Food Fight?

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The judge got innovative, however, and sentenced the customer to work at a fast-food job to avoid serving further jail time on the assault charge. Continue Reading »

What is Ineffective Assistance of Counsel?

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The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees numerous rights to criminal defendants. One of the most important is the right to an attorney and the right to adequate representation. These rights whether the defendant is indigent and received a public defender or they hired their own attorney. The right to adequate representation doesn’t mean perfect representation, but… Continue Reading »

Body Cams in Kitsap County?

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On December 4, 2023, The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners – like so many other Washington governmental bodies – approved a contract authorizing the Kitsap County Sheriff to purchase and deploy body-worn and in-vehicle cameras for all Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputies. Continue Reading »

What Can a Judge Do at Sentencing?

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State and federal courts can not impose a random, arbitrary sentence out of thin air. Criminal statutes provide sentencing guidelines to serve as a baseline. These statutes will usually classify different criminal offenses and include scales of severity, along with suggested punishments. Sometimes, the statute defining a given crime also provides a required minimum sentence.… Continue Reading »

First time DUI Offense?

A first time DUI in Washington State is considered a gross misdemeanor, not a felony. A Washington DUI carries a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $5000 fine. In all cases where a conviction is entered, there is a mandatory minimum sentence, which a judge is required to impose and cannot reduce. Continue Reading »

What Are Cell Phone Laws?

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Texting and social media have become popular ways to communicate. Unlike a conversation with someone sitting next to you, though, they require your hands and eyes. That’s why texting behind the wheel is generally illegal. Laws on texting while driving prohibit using electronic devices to write, send, or read messages. These messages can include emails… Continue Reading »