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Is My Phone Wiretapped?

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Law enforcement agencies can tap your phone under specific circumstances. You probably will not know if law enforcement begins to target you for an investigation. Understanding your rights and law enforcement’s tools to tap your phone can help you protect your privacy. Of course, any action within public view is available to law enforcement. The police… Continue Reading »

What are my Obligations?

What are a person’s obligations if they happen to hit someone else’s property with their car? The answer lies in RCW 46.52.010. Under subsection (2) of that Washington statute, a driver involved in an accident which results in damage to property (whether fixed or placed upon or adjacent to any public highway; regardless of how… Continue Reading »

What are Elements of a Crime?

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When facing a criminal charge, many do their own research in order to understand what they are facing. It can help a defendant gain clarity about the statute under which a person been charged. Lawyers are trained to read statutes and determine the “elements” of an offense. But you don’t have to go to law… Continue Reading »

What is the Status of Ghost Guns?

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Untraceable “ghost guns” are illegal again. Why? Well because the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay last week of a district court judgment that had invalidated the Biden Administration’s ban on untraceable firearms. The stay temporarily gave the rule new life, but the question is for how long because the legal challenge continues.What are “Ghost… Continue Reading »

Is Mail Theft a Felony?

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Often times, clients come in to our office and informing us that they did not receive a court notice or a letter from the department of licensing informing them of a potential license suspension. At times we further discover that the client was a victim of mail theft, which has become all too common. Mail… Continue Reading »

Get Paddled for Ignoring the Paddle?

Over the past year law enforcement has not enforced laws against failing to yield to school buses with their stop signs extended. Why? Because the cameras affixed to the buses to observe and monitor such action have gone unchecked. Ostensibly this has allowed hundreds to avoid receiving a spendy $500 ticket for violating the law.… Continue Reading »

Can a Police Radar Gun Lead to a DUI?

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A common site on roadways all over the United States is a law enforcement officer standing by their patrol car aiming a radar gun at oncoming traffic. Many times, these radar guns allow officers to initiate a lawful stop and establish probable cause for a criminal charge that may come after the stop. Radar guns… Continue Reading »