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New Licensing Fees, Say What?

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Cars, cars, cars … it seems everyone in Washington State has one. The state knows this fact all too well, and uses our unfettered love of cars as a needed revenue source. Case in point, Friday the State of Washington will be increasing a number of vehicle fees, the lot of which will be applied… Continue Reading »

What is a Good Defense Lawyer?

Being charged with a crime can be a life-changing experience. You need to reach out to a lawyer qualified and experienced in criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity, but you also need to choose carefully. Gone are the days when people used to just pick a name out of the phone book; know that… Continue Reading »

What About Edmonds’ Homelessness Ordinance?

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Last month the Edmonds City Council passed an ordinance making it illegal to occupy or store belongings in public places overnight. This move corresponded with a sweeping national trend by local governments to criminalize homelessness. The Edmonds ordinance essentially forces people living on Edmond’s streets to either get into a shelter or risk a criminal… Continue Reading »

Can I Share My Prescribed Medication?

Each and every day, people across the United States are prescribed medication for an injury and/or after a surgery. Sharing your prescription painkillers or any other prescription medication may seem like it is not a big issue but unfortunately, it is illegal and could potentially lead to some serious criminal consequences. Sharing prescription medications of… Continue Reading »

Are Polygraph Tests Admissible in Court?

In many felony cases, in particular sex offense charges, a defendant goes through a sexual deviancy evaluation. During these evaluations, a polygraph examination is generally required in order for the counselor to produce a reliable evaluation for the Court.  Polygraph machines, or “lie detector tests,” measure physiological information from the body: breathing, blood pressure, and… Continue Reading »

Government Accountability?

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The Fourth Amendment of our State and Federal Constitutions protects us all from unreasonable search and seizures. But what are the consequences the government faces for violating these protections? That became a bit clearer on Wednesday – at least for federal entities … not much. Why? Because on Wednesday the United States Supreme Court shielded… Continue Reading »

Increase in Fleeing Vehicles?

Earlier this month the Washington State Patrol proclaimed that drivers are refusing to stop for state law enforcement agents at unprecedented levels. Could these failures to stop be connected to last year’s passage of House Bill 1054, which, among other things, barred high-speed pursuits except in very limited circumstances? Probably, yes. HB 1054 included a… Continue Reading »

What Factors Do Judges Consider at Sentencing?

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The majority of criminal cases are resolved via some sort of negotiated plea deal. Many times, the defendant must enter a plea of guilty in order to benefit from a plea offer made by the prosecuting attorneys office. After a person is convicted of a particular crime, whether through a guilty plea or jury verdict,… Continue Reading »