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Is Patronizing a Prostitute a Crime?

  Earlier this month, right before Christmas, the Bellevue Police Department did a one night undercover vice operation aimed at targeting a recent increase in demand for prostitution. Nabbed were 16 unsuspecting men. Investigators posed as prostitutes on an online dating app.  Once contacted, they arranged to meet the men at a Bellevue motel. The… Continue Reading »

DUI Lawyer – What is a DUI?

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We here at SQ Attorneys focus much of our practice on Driving Under the Influence (D.U.I.) charges. The concept of “per se” is often used in D.U.I. offenses. ‘Per se” laws in DUI cases generally establish that once an individual is shown to have a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above .08 percent, that person… Continue Reading »

Will the Holidays Slow Travel Times?

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The week of Christmas is now upon us, as is its traffic. Travel times are sure to spike. We all need to bring patience to the proverbial table this holiday season. Not only will the sheer volume of cars increase or roadways, but so too will inclement weather. In short, travelers should be aware that… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Can I Defend Myself from a Criminal Charge?

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Let’s discuss defending yourself against a criminal charge. Defending yourself is no easy matter. You must understand the elements of the crime that you have been charged with and see what defenses you may have against the various elements. You do not need to defend against all of the elements, as it only takes a… Continue Reading »

Should I Stop a Crime in Progress?

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Although it may sometimes feel like a civic duty, intervening in a crime in progress is probably not something any of us ‘citizens’ should be doing. Why? Well, the answer is simple … we could become a casualty, we could make things worse, and in outlier cases, we could even be charged with a crime… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – What is an unlawful killing?

We here at SQ Attorneys handle all criminal matters, from simple theft charges, to driving under the influence, to murder cases! Let us discuss the different types of charges that one can face upon a killing of another. There are a numerous legal categories under the topic of the unlawful killing of another person:  felony… Continue Reading »

Will Cameras Increase Citations in Seattle?

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As has been the law for several years running, it is illegal for drivers to enter a Seattle intersection unless she has a clear path to make it all the way through the intersection. As is common with any new year, commencing in 2022, there will be new fines for Seattle motorists if they enter… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Can an Officer Search My Vehicle?

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We here at SQ Attorneys ensure that we look in to each and every legal issue that can be identified when representing our clients. A common question that is often asked, is whether a police officer can legally search ones vehicle. Typically, the answer is yes. This is usually dependent on whether the police officer… Continue Reading »

What happens with an Understaffed Communications Center?

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Understaffed and overwhelmed – that is the current state of affairs for Seattle’s Community Safety and Communications Center. As a direct consequence, response times to 911 calls for help are meeting long delays in Seattle. No doubt that could potentially lead to the undermining of community safety. Sadly, a solution to this problem is likely… Continue Reading »