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Writ of Habeas Corpus

In many countries, authorities may take citizens and incarcerate them for months or years without charging them. Those imprisoned have no legal means by which they can protest or challenge the imprisonment. The framers of the U. S. Constitution wanted to prohibit this kind of occurrence in the new United States. Therefore, they included a… Continue Reading »

DUI and the Immigration Attorney

SQ Attorneys

When representing non-citizens that are accused of criminal conduct, Seattle criminal defense attorneys are generally aware there are potential immigration consequences their client may be facing. That said, it is always best that the person confer with an attorney who focuses his/her practice on immigration law. This is so because immigration attorneys are more versed… Continue Reading »

The Law of Civil Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture laws allow the police to take and keep large sums of cash or property suspected of either being used to commit crimes or obtained through criminal means such as goods purchased with “dirty” money. Civil asset forfeiture laws differ by jurisdiction, but generally don’t require proof of the property owner’s guilt, although… Continue Reading »

Types of Evidence

Evidence comes in four basic forms:1) Demonstrative evidence; 2) Documentary evidence; 3) Real evidence and 4) Testimonial evidence. Some rules of evidence apply to all four types and some rules apply to one or two of them. All of these forms of evidence must be admissible, though, before they can be considered as probative of… Continue Reading »

More Clarification on Records

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Recently a Pierce County Superior Court Judge ruled that names of people in crime related police incident reports are public records, and this is true even if the report involves patients at psychiatric hospitals, i.e. Western State Hospital. Judge Nevin found that, “[p]olice reports are not health-care records, and suspects in criminal actions are not patients,… Continue Reading »

Busted in Kent

Last week the Kent Police Department notified 18 massage parlors within the city limits that they were being shut down. Although a lot, these are not all the massage parlors in Kent, Washington. The shut downs were the result of a month’s long investigation into these 18 massage establishments being fronts for prostitution. Some of… Continue Reading »


Terrorism has been a grave concern throughout the United States and around the world. Whether perpetrated by foreign nationals with a vendetta against the U.S. government or radical groups within the country, political violence seems increasingly common. Regardless of its source, terrorism involves acts meant to inflict terror on a particular group of people through… Continue Reading »

Sometimes Tough to Define

When it comes to driving under the influence charges, it is common for an accused to be shocked that they are facing a possible DUI conviction. After all, many feel fine to drive and may have only consumed what they believed was an amount of alcohol (or marijuana and/or other drugs) that would not put… Continue Reading »

Appealing a Criminal Conviction Explained

The right to a trial by jury is the most fundamental constitutional right a criminal defendant is granted. Upon a conviction after a trial, a defendant has the right to appeal a finding of guilt. In order for a court of appeals to hear an appeal from a lower court the aggrieved party must demonstrate… Continue Reading »

Dangers Extend Beyond Just the Victim

Domestic violence 911 calls are generally deemed dangerous for not only the alleged victim, but also the law enforcement officers that respond to the call. What is less understood, however, is that these same calls also can sometimes be equally dangerous for the one allegedly doing the abuse/ violence.  Case in point – an emergency… Continue Reading »