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Thwart the DV Impact

As all criminal defense attorneys know, domestic violence charges can impact anyone, regardless of whether you are male or female. Washington law defines domestic violence as any type of abuse, threat or violent behavior that occurs against a person by someone with which they share an intimate relationship. Domestic Violence charges can be either misdemeanors… Continue Reading »

Sentencing Procedures

Soon after a defendant has pled guilty or has been found guilty at trial, a Judge will decide on the appropriate punishment during the sentencing phase of a criminal case. This is otherwise known as the sentence. Sentencing for criminal offenses can range from probation and community service to prison and even the death penalty.… Continue Reading »

Change is in the Air

Earlier this year the Washington State legislature made extensive changes to our Washington DUI statutes. The bulk of our impaired driving related statutes were changed via House Bill (HB) 1614, a bill introduced by Representative Roger Goodman, Chair of the House Public Safety Committee, and most changes, became effective on July 23, 2017. In broad… Continue Reading »

Probation Ain’t that Bad!!!!

Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence that allows a person convicted of a crime a chance to remain in the community, instead of going to jail. Probation requires that you follow certain court-ordered rules and conditions under the supervision of a probation officer. Typical conditions may include performing community service, meeting with your… Continue Reading »

Landlords Beware

It is now official within the city limits of Seattle, landlords will soon be barred from excluding people with criminal records from renting their property; they will be barred from asking about criminal records on rental applications and screening potential tenants based on their criminal history. This is so because on Monday the Seattle City… Continue Reading »

What Happens on Appeal?

Each and every criminal defendant has certain constitutional rights, the most important being the right to have a jury of his or her own peers decide whether they are guilty or innocent of the alleged crime. Taking a case to trial is a risky proposition for those participating, especially for the criminal defendant involved in… Continue Reading »

BUI Numbers on the Rise

As has happened over the past several years, there was an arrest spike during Seafair weekend this past weekend. Last year twenty six folks were arrested. This year forty four people were arrested, all but one for boating under the influence of alcohol. Like past Seafair years, there were emphasis patrols on Lake Washington which… Continue Reading »

Withdrawing a Guilty Plea

The majority of criminal cases end in a guilty plea or “no contest” (nolo contendre) plea for a variety of reasons. These reasons include purely strategic ones unrelated to actual guilt. For instance, a defendant’s chances at trial may seem slim (and a plea bargain is offered); there may be confusion surrounding the incident; the… Continue Reading »