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Prosecutor gives Santa a gift of his Own

Well, well, well … it looks like even mythical figures with historical origins such as Santa Claus can commit crime. We all know Santa, right? He is the jolly fella who in many Western cultures brings gifts to the homes of well-behaved, “good” children in the late evening hours of December 24th and/or the early… Continue Reading »

Why Can’t I Drink in Public??

Can you carry an alcoholic drink in a plastic beer cup while walking down your city’s main street or anywhere in public around your town? The answer depends on the open container laws in your state and local community. Open containers laws serve a number of goals. Most notably, open container laws seek to maintain… Continue Reading »

What is the Impact of a Refusal?

In mid December 2015 the United States Supreme Court surprisingly agreed to decide whether states can make it a crime for a motorist suspected of drunken driving to refuse a breath, blood or even urine test. Currently there are thirteen states that do just that – make it a crime to refuse a breath/ blood… Continue Reading »

Standard for Juveniles

The criminal justice system for juveniles in every State in the United States is different than adults charged with a crime. Usually, the standards and penalties are different, and these juvenile cases are typically filed in the respective counties Juvenile Court. In the eyes of the law, a juvenile or a minor, is any person… Continue Reading »

No place for Professional Courtesy

Officer body camera policies are being reviewed in Poulsbo after an incident involving a sheriff’s sergeant wherein the sergeant was found allegedly impaired behind the wheel of his car. The October incident involved the sergeant being contacted by another law enforcement agent. The interaction was recorded on the contacting officer’s body camera, and allegedly captures… Continue Reading »

Busted for Drug Possession?!?!?

One of the most common offenses found in Courts across the United States, are drug offenses. Both the Federal and State drug possession laws make it a crime to willfully possess illegal controlled substances such as marijuana (with exception to certain states), methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, heroin and other controlled substances. These laws also criminalize the… Continue Reading »

The Blade of our Law

On December 31st the Washington State Supreme Court held the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution is not violated by barring people from carrying kitchen utensils (i.e., fixed-blade knifes) in public for self defense purposes. In essence, the ruling means that our right to bear arms does not include items like small paring knifes… Continue Reading »