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Advocates Want Warning Labels on Edibles

With marijuana officially legal and available to all Washington adults, there is now a growing call for the marijuana industry to do more to warn people about what’s actually in the edible pot-infused products they’re buying. Seattle’s City Attorney Pete Holmes is calling on the State Liquor Control Board to strengthen its rules on requiring… Continue Reading »

Procedures and Protocols; Protocols and Procedures

Currently in Washington State law enforcement agents processing a person for DUI use the BAC Datamaster and BAC Datamaster CDM machines to obtain breath samples. In any given DUI case one of the central issues is whether a breath test is admissible into evidence and if so … what weight should be given to the… Continue Reading »

Marijuana Retailer Files Law Suit Against WA Liquor Control Board

A would-be Washington marijuana seller is suing the state Liquor Control Board over his failure to obtain a retail license. Pete O’Neil, the owner of C & C Shops, wants a license to operate in the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood, WA but in a lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court on Thursday he says… Continue Reading »

A DUI Conviction – jail is not the only punishment

A DUI conviction does not just mean jail time, it also means hefty fines, costs, fees and assessments from the court. And these fees do not include attorney fees, alcohol/drug assessment costs, or costs for alcohol/ drug classes, victim’s panels. Following are just some (certainly not all) costs that folks need to consider when facing a… Continue Reading »

Ads Target Marijuana DUI

With marijuana retail stores now open, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) wants to make it clear that while marijuana use may be legal, driving under its influence is not. To remind people that driving high is illegal, the commission is launching an advertising campaign called “Drive High, Get a DUI.” The 30-second television commercials… Continue Reading »

A DUI Conviction WILL result in Confinement – it is the law

It appears that based on recent court experiences some folks seem to not understand that being convicted of a DUI will result in some type of confinement regardless of whether the person is a good person or whether he has no prior criminal history. The court does not have discretion; by law, a conviction for… Continue Reading »

WA State Issues First Licenses for Marijuana Retail Stores

As Washington state prepares to issue the first licenses for marijuana retail stores, Washington state leaders on Tuesday announced a coordinated campaign to make sure pot stays out of the hands of minors once products start hitting store shelves next month. Different state agencies are working together to make sure the public has the information… Continue Reading »

Holiday Emphasis Patrols Continue

This wonderfully long 4th of July weekend is not quite over, and either are law enforcements’ DUI emphasis patrols. The patrols shall continue through the weekend … and probably beyond. As it is every year, it is a busy time for law enforcement. In fact due to the higher volumes of on duty officers it is… Continue Reading »