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DUI related Legislation passed in 2014

The ever tightening DUI noose is alive and well. On June 12, 2014 SB 6415 (the bill pertaining to consecutive sentences for driving under the influence and/or physical control of a vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor, marijuana, or any drug) will be in full force and effect. SB 6415 ensures that sentences for a felony… Continue Reading »

Why O' Why Canada

Frequently we at SQ Attorneys are asked about the impact that a DUI (including DUI’s reduced to Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving) has on one’s ability to enter Canada. By no means are we the experts on the subject, however. Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the issue can be found at: (1); and… Continue Reading »

DUI Arrest Results in Commander's Dismissal

Getting arrested for DUI can impact anyone, including law enforcement personnel. Case in point, a DUI arrest caused Mountlake Terrace police commander Don Duncan to be terminated from the department on May 2, 2014. His dismissal from the force followed an internal investigation by the department for suspicion of drunken driving. Commander Duncan was arrested… Continue Reading »