The ‘Bad Apple’ Affect

When talking with potential domestic violence defendants, they and their families often wonder why the government is so unreasonable to deal with during negotiations. Often the alleged victim is not ‘on board’ with the prosecution and just wants the prosecution to ‘drop the case’. They cannot understand why the prosecutor continues to vigorously pursue the… Continue Reading »

When is Self Defense OK?

When is it ok to assault another person? That may seem like an easy question to answer – never, right? Well not so fast there Henry. In the State of Washington, it just may be ok to hurt or even kill someone if you are legitimately defending yourself, someone else, or perhaps even your property.… Continue Reading »

Deferred Prosecution is not the Easy Out

Many folks often wonder when they – or a loved one – are facing a first time DUI if there is a ‘get out of jail free/ one bite at the apple’ scenario available in Washington State. Unfortunately, the answer is a big fat ‘no’. The only thing that comes even close to such an option is… Continue Reading »

Thwart the DV Impact

As all criminal defense attorneys know, domestic violence charges can impact anyone, regardless of whether you are male or female. Washington law defines domestic violence as any type of abuse, threat or violent behavior that occurs against a person by someone with which they share an intimate relationship. Domestic Violence charges can be either misdemeanors… Continue Reading »

Change is in the Air

Earlier this year the Washington State legislature made extensive changes to our Washington DUI statutes. The bulk of our impaired driving related statutes were changed via House Bill (HB) 1614, a bill introduced by Representative Roger Goodman, Chair of the House Public Safety Committee, and most changes, became effective on July 23, 2017. In broad… Continue Reading »

Landlords Beware

It is now official within the city limits of Seattle, landlords will soon be barred from excluding people with criminal records from renting their property; they will be barred from asking about criminal records on rental applications and screening potential tenants based on their criminal history. This is so because on Monday the Seattle City… Continue Reading »

BUI Numbers on the Rise

As has happened over the past several years, there was an arrest spike during Seafair weekend this past weekend. Last year twenty six folks were arrested. This year forty four people were arrested, all but one for boating under the influence of alcohol. Like past Seafair years, there were emphasis patrols on Lake Washington which… Continue Reading »

Crimes of Washington

In Washington state crimes are broken down into two main types – misdemeanors (misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors) and felonies (Class A – C). Misdemeanor cases are heard in District and Municipal Courts. Felony cases are heard in Superior Courts. In Washington, a misdemeanor is generally regarded as a minor criminal offense. Examples of misdemeanors are… Continue Reading »

A Need for Body Cameras?

Are body cameras necessary in law enforcement? King County Sheriff, John Urquhart, thinks so, and on July 20, 2017 he made his position clear by sending an email to the Metropolitan King County Council requesting money to outfit his deputies with body cameras. Seattle’s mayor, Ed Murray, is also pushing for officer body cameras. He,… Continue Reading »

Police Bias Be Gone

Bias free policing is on its way to Seattle? Really? In yet again another Seattle City Council first, something that should go without saying – and is actually a policy that is already ‘in the books’ – has been codified into law; on Monday our ever illustrious stumbling, bumbling City Council codified ‘bias-free policing’. Duh… Continue Reading »