WSP Going Green

‘Go Green’ has been a big push in Washington State for years now, and at least one law enforcement agency is actively joining the movement. The Washington State Patrol has announced that it is buying three 2020 Ford Interceptor hybrid SUVs at approximately $45,850 a pop. The purchase is the first of its kind for… Continue Reading »

Seattle Crime on the Clmb

It is no secret that the City of Seattle is having a heck of a time battling crime within its borders. In fact, a recent report commissioned by business associations in Ballard, Sodo and Downtown evidences that now – more than ever – Seattle workers and residents are being harmed by failures of Seattle’s criminal… Continue Reading »

It is All in the Pose

Some people pose for photos. Others pose as something they are not, but perhaps wish they were. It should go without saying, but … the latter ‘posing’ can sometimes get a person in trouble, as one man in New York recently found out. On a steamy day this past August, the aforementioned man was posing… Continue Reading »

107 – An Unlucky Number for SPD

As tv shows like 20/20, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours and Dateline have all proven over the years – DNA solves cases, both recent and ‘cold’. Heck, 20/20 just had a show about the notorious Mandy Stavik murder case in Whatcom County, Washington. That 1989 cold case was solved with DNA. The guilty culprit, Timothy Forrest… Continue Reading »

Acting Goofy Not so Fun

There is no doubt that people do all sorts of goofy things when they are inebriated, that goes without saying. But calling 911 to report yourself driving under the influence? That takes a special kind of goofy, right? Well in a stranger than fiction type of moment that is exactly what happened last month in… Continue Reading »

Gettin’ Caught, Gettin’ Cute

Recently, a perfectly good plan was thwarted by an ‘on-the-ball’ WSP trooper in Snohomish County, Washington. The crafty driver, realizing that they could use a black sharpie to color in their expired tab, did just that … colored in a black tab for the year 2019. The trooper was so impressed that she actually tweeted… Continue Reading »

It is All in the Numbers

It seems that with every holiday, Washington State law enforcement compiles and disseminates the state’s driving under the influence (“DUI”) numbers related to the same. This past Labor Day was no exception. On Tuesday Troopers with the Washington State Patrol (“WSP”) released data on the number of DUI arrests made over our sunny Labor Day… Continue Reading »

Shamefully Out-Foxed

As the saying goes – ‘what comes around goes around.’ And this concept was no better proven than this past weekend when a man in Kennewick, Washington ironically had his car stolen … while he himself was allegedly burglarizing a local business establishment. Now how do you like them apples? As the story goes, on… Continue Reading »

Too Cool for School

When might it be a crime to be a parent? Well, a Marysville dad recently found out the answer to that curious question; in short, being a ‘cool dad’ may not always be the best choice. So what happened to get pops in hot water? He let his 14 year old son drive his car.… Continue Reading »

A Shoe on the Other Foot

In a touch of irony, a man who is entrusted to uphold the laws of our state, and keep our state’s citizens safe, was himself arrested over the weekend.  It happened in Des Moines where an off duty Renton Police Officer allegedly assaulted a woman who he claims was his ‘informant’.  He was said to be… Continue Reading »

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