Guns, DV and the Attorneys’ Challenge

If you or a loved one is convicted of a domestic violence related felony or misdemeanor your right to possess a firearm will be terminated. US federal law mandates it; put simply, anyone who is convicted of an act of domestic violence will lose their right to possess a gun. This is true even if… Continue Reading »

As the law Turns

Washington’s distracted driving bill is moving forward quickly. As you all know, we have been following the bill’s course.  Last week both chambers of the state legislature passed versions of the bill thus making it highly likely that drivers will be banned from using handheld devices in 2018. The House version of the Driving Under… Continue Reading »

Lakewood Police Drawing first Blood

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Police officers in the City of Lakewood, Washington are now performing their own blood draws on suspected impaired drivers. Although other states have consistently permitted such an intrusive act, Washington state law has essentially in the past required that a trained medical professional draw blood. This often, of course, necessitates that an officer take the… Continue Reading »

4 for Felony?

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Earlier this month the State Senate unanimously passed SB 5037 which – if it becomes law – would make driving under the influence a felony if the driver has three or more prior offenses on their criminal record within a 10 year period. The bill now heads to the House where it has stalled in… Continue Reading »

HB 1384 Passed

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On Monday February 20, 2017, the Washington State House of Representative passed HB 1384.  HB 1384 is a measure that protects victims of sexual assault. The bill now heads to the Senate. The new law would extend sexual assault protection orders beyond two years. Under current Washington law, sexual assault victims can get a protection order… Continue Reading »

House Bill1371/ Senate Bill 5289 in the Books

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As is well known by now, not only is texting and driving against the law in Washington State, but so is holding a cell phone to one’s ear while driving. Curiously, however, the current law does not prohibit the use of apps while driving, which undoubtedly is just as dangerously distracting as texting or talking… Continue Reading »

New Bias/Hate Crimes Dashboard Unveiled

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Always seemingly on the cutting edge of policing, the Seattle Police Department (the “SPD“) recently launched a Bias/Hate Crime Data dashboard, which is, of course, timely considering these heated political times. The data is composed of alleged citywide bias crime reports, and is tracked on three separate levels: 1. Malicious Harassment, which includes the motivation of… Continue Reading »

Amnesty not the Only Answer?

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Earlier this month new California legislation was proposed that would forbid courts from suspending a person’s driver’s license simply because that person can’t pay her tickets or fines. This is a policy that SQ Attorneys thinks would also fit well in Washington State. This is so because the current policy disproportionately targets low-income drivers and can send people… Continue Reading »

Lights, Camera … Action!

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In following up with one of our recent posts about Seattle Police Officer (‘SPD‘) body cameras, we at SQ Attorneys note that SPD has now officially begun the testing of body cameras. As of late December 2016, a select group of SPD bicycle officers are now using body cameras while on duty. It is anticipated… Continue Reading »

Distracted Driving About to Encompass more Acts

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On Tuesday January 17, 2017, a House bill was filed that would, among other things, make it illegal to hold a smart phone, tablet, or other communications device while driving in the State of Washington. The legislation basically says that if operating a phone or device takes more than one finger, then it had better… Continue Reading »