Back to Basics

Pursuant to Washington State’s implied consent law (RCW 46.20.308), a driver arrested for DUI faces the imposition of a driver’s license penalty in the form of a suspension or revocation of his/her driving privilege for failing (blowing a .08 or greater) or refusing to take a breath/blood test. Prior to the actual imposition of the… Continue Reading »

What’s in a Name Makes a Difference

An interesting article in the Seattle Times today outlines why the Seattle City Attorney’s decision to change the name of a certain crime has caused havoc in folks’ lives. Outside of Seattle the crime is known as ‘Patronizing a Prostitute’. In the City of Seattle it is known as ‘Sexual Exploitation’. Exactly the same crime,… Continue Reading »

Seeking Justice is a Most Curious Concept

As so eloquently outlined in the Criminal Justice Section of the American Bar Association, the primary duty of a prosecutor is to seek justice within the bounds of the law, and to not merely convict an accused person; a prosecutor should consider the interests of both victims and witnesses, and respect the constitutional and legal… Continue Reading »

Codified Law as Law

To some Seattle may seem to be on the cutting edge, and yet to others Seattle may seem to be over the top. Well … last month our City Council signed into law something that some may very well say is cutting edge, while others may claim is simply – over the top. On May… Continue Reading »

Drinking Boaters Beware

As with every year, when summer rolls in to town our waterways fill up. Boaters take to the water like ducks on a pond. In like kind, law enforcement agencies step up their crackdown on people boating while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  This year Memorial Day weekend marked the beginning of law enforcement’s BUI targeting… Continue Reading »

A Change in Plans

Come August of this year holding an electronic device while behind the wheel (beyond just texting or holding a phone to your ear) will violate Washington law. This is so because Washington Governor Jay Inslee last week signed into law an act prohibiting holding an electronic device — including phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets… Continue Reading »

A Picture is Worth a 1K Words

In domestic violence cases it is immeasurably important to understand the full context of the parties’ relationship. The relationship itself often tells a story, and paints a picture of the actual situation giving rise as to why police were called in the first place. Rarely is it as simple as someone hit their loved one.… Continue Reading »

Noteless in Seattle

Last Thursday Senate Bill 5404 was signed into effect. Somehow common sense finally prevailed. The new law exempts sunblock from being classified as a medication and thus children are now permitted to use it at school and during school field trips; students finally no longer need a prescription from a doctor and a note from… Continue Reading »

Five Down to Four

Well that didn’t take long. Another law change in the DUI sector. In April, the Washington State legislature approved a measure that would make a fourth driving under the influence offense a felony in Washington state. Not too long ago the law was changed to make a fifth driving under the influence offense a felony… Continue Reading »

Tether at your Own Risk

You tie up or tether a dog in Washington State and you could soon be facing a hefty penalty. Currently, Washington doesn’t have animal cruelty penalties for tethering or tying up dogs. That is about to change. The new statute allows animal care and control officers to issue warnings or civil infractions for inhumane animal… Continue Reading »