Monthly Archives: May 2011

Yakima County is awaiting funding for a specialty DUI court, and should learn in the very near future as to whether a $150,000 federal grant has been authorized for the specialty court. There are currently four other counties in Washington State that have dedicated DUI courts. If approved, it is believed that a Yakima County… Continue Reading »

On March 3, 2011, University of Washington football player, and former O’Dea High School standout, Johri Fogerson was stopped by law enforcement because the vehicle he was operating had a faulty headlight. During the stop, officers discovered Johri was in possession of marijuana. While in the process of arresting Johri and putting him in handcuffs,… Continue Reading »

In September of last year, a Seattle woman was driving on a suspended license and struck a tow truck driver while he was kneeling next to a disabled vehicle on an entrance ramp to I-5 in South Seattle. After hitting the man, the woman did a u-turn and fled the scene. She did not stop… Continue Reading »

Last week prosecutors in San Juan Islands added another sixteen counts of theft and burglary charges against the Barefoot Bandit – Colton Harris-Moore.  As many Washingtonians know, Harris-Moore is the former fugitive from Camano Island, Washington; his charges stem from a two year crime spree, which ended with him being caught in an epic chase… Continue Reading »

As many Seattle criminal defense attorneys know, what you don’t know can hurt you. On April 29, 2011, a minor teenage boy and girl had sex at a party in front of all who attended; there was alcohol involved. During the course of the event, kids used their cell-phones to take pictures/ videos of the… Continue Reading »

Students, athletes and even student-athletes get DUI’s. The University of Notre Dame football team recently suspended Michael Floyd, a wide-receiver, after he was arrested for drunken-driving. Floyd entered a plea of not guilty to the charge this week, and hopes to have a plea deal in place before his next court appearance on June 7,… Continue Reading »

As all Seattle criminal defense attorneys know, criminal charges can be filed against anyone. Not everyone charged with a crime is a “bad” person with “evil” intent. Many who are charged with a crime are hard working, god fearing, and family oriented people. Many who are criminally charged just simply made a mistake. After all… Continue Reading »