The $60 Million Problem – Deal with It

As Seattle criminal defense attorneys we often make public disclosure requests on behalf of our clients. We request records related to things such as officer conduct, personnel files, incident reports, videos, audios and even email content. But regardless of the state’s criminal defense bars actions, it is highly doubtful that all of the criminal attorneys combined filed public disclosure requests that cost the Evergreen State $60 million over a recent 12 month period. That $60 million figure seems absolutely nuts but is exactly what our local and state government officials are claiming (along with an increase in requests and the explosion of digital data) have made things more difficult for them to comply with Washington’s Public Disclosure Act. Well stop your whining and deal with it, and don’t think for one second that the answer is for our state citizens to pay for the documents. The documents are owned by, and for, the people; the government works for the people, after all. To say folks should pay for something they already own is utter nonsense. Thankfully, despite proposed bills and work groups, there hasn’t yet been a consensus among law makers, government agencies, and/ or advocacy groups on how to best deal with the problem. This is so because as it stands most of the proposed options are geared towards less – not more – government transparency, and the only way to truly hold our law enforcement agents and agencies accountable is through good ol’ transparency.

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