Another Accident, Another DUI?

Another DUI related injury accident? There have been a slew of them lately. And this has caused prosecutors, courts and our legislative branch of our government to crack down on DUI’s more than ever before.

The most recent occurred yesterday, June 7, 2013. In the early morning hours a 7 year old girl walking to school with her mother and sister was struck by a car in the Greenwood neighborhood in North Seattle. The girl was carried about thirty feet on the hood of the automobile and then thrown another 15 feet in the air. The driver of the vehicle, and elderly man, failed to stop on scene and was later located in a nearby parking lot. Subsequently he was taken to a hospital for treatment and for evaluation of possible drug and/or drug impairment. It turns out that there had been reports that the car driven by the man was being driven in a reckless manner prior to the accident; people were concerned enough about the man’s driving that they called 911 to report it.

This latest incident comes after several recent DUI related injury and/or fatality accidents in the Seattle metropolitan area. DUI enforcement has thus greatly increased in the area.

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