KCSC Modifies Jury Duty – For Now

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys

With the COVID-19 scare in full force and effect, the King County Superior Court has taken the extraordinary measure of altering its jury duty requirements. This week the court announced that it is now temporarily permitting prospective jurors to be excused from jury duty if they have one or more specific health related issues. These health issues range from heart disease to a weakened immune system, and includes diabetes, lung disease and even pregnancy. Regardless of health, those over 60 years of age are excused from jury duty and don’t have to appear for their civic duty if they don’t want to … and certainly if they themselves have been sick or have recently come into contact with someone who has been sick. The court, in an abundance of caution, has stepped up its cleaning routine in-and-around the courthouse, including the rooms where prospective jurors congregate, check-in (or otherwise assemble) for jury duty. That said, the court has chosen to permit for certain people to avoid jury duty altogether due to COVID-19 concerns. These changes in jury duty obligation are temporary and will return to normal at some date in the future, but for now, the right to a ‘jury of our peers’ has been somewhat altered.

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