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On July 9, 2018, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved two gun control regulations. These measures relate to the safe storage of firearms, and require residents to pay penalties if they: (1) do not safely store their firearms, or (2) fail to report lost or stolen guns. According to Mayor Durkan’s office, 150,000 adults in… Continue Reading »

House Bill 2661 rolled into effect last month and as such the Domestic Violence Leave Law (‘DVLL’) broadened its scope. The law now requires employers to make accommodations for the safety and security of employees who are victims of domestic violence. To initiate the protection the employee must show that the accommodation doesn’t pose an… Continue Reading »

In criminal cases it is common to have facts that involve alcohol and/or drugs. This is so because both obviously inhibit, or otherwise cloud, judgment, and when that happens … well … things like driving under the influence, assaults and even thefts may seem ok to do in the moment. Poor decision making undoubtedly got… Continue Reading »

Last year Washington lawmakers passed a measure creating a two-tiered licensing system. Jay Inslee – Washington State’s governor – thereafter signed the law into effect. As a result, starting September 4, 2018, all issued driver’s licenses and ID cards will have a new driver’s license number. All new cards will have WDL as the first… Continue Reading »

In DUI alcohol content cases there are two ways to get a ‘test result’. First, a breath test. Second, a blood test. Breath tests are more often than not conducted at a police precinct. Blood tests, on the other hand, are more often than not conducted at a hospital. Breath test results are obtained immediately… Continue Reading »

People from all walks of life can, and do, get cited for DUI in Washington State. Teachers, doctors, plumbers, and construction workers are but just yet a few of the many professions impacted. But what about aviation professionals 9 (i.e. Pilots), how are they impacted by a DUI citation? A drunk driving arrest does not… Continue Reading »

When meeting with any potential DUI client, we at SQ Attorneys make it our practice to inquire about whether there was a passenger(s) in the car. It isn’t uncommon that initially folks seem a bit miffed by the question, but get it after it is learned that having a passenger in the car is considered an ‘aggravating’ factor that… Continue Reading »

One thing about folks in the US, we all cherish our constitutional rights. One constitutional principle we particularly hold onto tightly, is our right to be free from unlawful government searches and seizures. As a nation, we all seem to understand that we need a governmental body, but we also want it to be as… Continue Reading »

What is embezzlement? Good question. It can be said that embezzlement is theft, but theft isn’t necessarily embezzlement. By its very nature, embezzlement involves a breach of inherent trust, a general theft doesn’t. The term “embezzlement” simply refers to a particular type of theft. It is a theft involving an individual who is in a… Continue Reading »

What warrants the police and/or a prosecutor to pursue an arrest or a criminal charge? Apparently that is a good question; it is amazing how seemingly arbitrary and discretionary it all can be. Case in point, the recent physical altercation at the Pacific Fishermen Yard outdoor event celebrating the new Nordic Museum. During the celebration,… Continue Reading »