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Earlier this Spring, House Bill 1041 was unanimously passed by the Washington State Legislature. Governor Inslee followed their lead and signed the Bill in May. Amid much fanfare from the criminal defense bar, the new law shall become effective in late July. The Bill contains some very interesting changes to the qualifications for vacating a… Continue Reading »

For several years now Seattle Police officers have used body cameras. Over the years we have gone from no cameras to dash cameras to now – body cameras. From the perspective of a Seattle criminal defense attorney body cameras have been extremely helpful in resolving cases. Sometimes the video corroborates what the officer has alleged… Continue Reading »

It is never a good idea to compound an already bad situation. Apparently one woman didn’t get that proverbial memo. Earlier this month a 23-year-old woman was arrested and booked in King County for assaulting two law enforcement officers and driving while under the influence. A Probable Cause Statement indicates that police responded to the… Continue Reading »

Obviously, one clear telltale sign of DUI is erratic driving. This is so because alcohol and/or drugs compromise a person both physically and mentally. Well on Mother’s Day a few weeks back a Seattle couple witnessed just that, erratic driving in downtown Seattle. They witnessed the car blow through red lights and weave all over… Continue Reading »

DUI law and enforcement is always a ‘hot topic’ during Washington State legislative sessions, and this year was no exception. As usual, there were a few bills presented to toughen our state DUI laws. For example, one such bill proposed: (1) lengthening the amount of time convicted DUI drivers should be required to use ignition… Continue Reading »

This past weekend … like many weekends to come … there was a statewide ‘slow down, move over’ emphasis patrol being conducted by law enforcement. The emphasis patrol was aimed at highlighting Washington’s “Move Over Law,” which requires drivers to slow down and move over if they see an Emergency or Work Zone on the… Continue Reading »

Is the practice of chalking tires to monitor parking legal? That debate is now at hand due to some crafty arguments raised by two Michigan lawyers.  On Monday a three federal judge panel unanimously ruled that the police practice of chalking tires was unconstitutional because it violates the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches and… Continue Reading »

This past weekend law enforcement agencies in Snohomish County conducted widespread emphasis patrols. Representatives from Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Lynnwood Police Department, Mountlake Terrace Police Department, Lake Stevens Police Department, Edmonds Police Department, Everett Police Department, and the Washington State Patrol conducted high visibility patrols throughout Snohomish County. The 420 marijuana and alcohol emphasis patrols… Continue Reading »

What is a bad idea? What is something that can only make things worse? Well, dragging a police officer down the street after you find out that he is arresting you certainly fits that bill. Undoubtedly one Washington driver is going to eventually find that out soon enough. Police in Burlington are looking for the… Continue Reading »

South end commuters be forewarned, as of today the speed limit essentially between the Tacoma Mall and the Tacoma Dome has temporarily been cut to 50 mph. The new speed limit will extend a total of 6 miles southbound and 5 miles northbound and goes from the I-5, Highway 16 junction to just across the… Continue Reading »