Monthly Archives: May 2015

Another crime crackdown is in the works in the City of Seattle. Seattle is out to squelch hate crimes by stepping up its efforts to reduce malicious harassment around the city. Mayor Murray announced this past Thursday, along with Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole, that the city is going to make a concerted effort to reduce… Continue Reading »

We all know all too well that getting a traffic ticket proverbially hurts.  And now the sting just got a bit more painful. Effective July 1, 2015, base fines for most traffic infractions will increase by $12. This monetary bump is the largest since 2007, and is said to be initiated so as to help… Continue Reading »

Like DUI’s, domestic violence is getting a ton of exposure over this past year. The latest hyperbole of exposure in Seattle revolves around the Seattle Seahawks first round draft pick of 2015, Frank Clark. As is well known by now, Mr. Clark was alleged to have struck his then girlfriend in an Ohio hotel room last year.… Continue Reading »

In another case of ‘stand your ground’ precedent, two Utah men who fatally shot would-be criminals over the weekend are not expected to face criminal charges for their actions. This comes on the heels of the well publicized Florida case involving George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin in ‘self defense’. The Utah cases were separate… Continue Reading »

Recently there was an interesting outcome in an Alabama domestic violence case involving a University of Alabama football player, Cyrus Jones. In dismissing the case against Mr. Jones, the prosecutor actually acknowledged, and gave credit to the fact, that Mr. Jones ‘attempted to de-escalate the situation by contacting the Tuscaloosa Police Department’. As is well… Continue Reading »