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We at SQ Attorneys are often asked by potential clients: (1) why prosecutors simply don’t understand that what someone may allege is not necessarily the truth; (2) why would a prosecutor pursue a case when justice would dictate that it be summarily dismissed; and (3) why can’t we just explain the truth and have the… Continue Reading »

According to the Washington State Patrol, there are about 40,000 DUI arrests a year, half made by the patrol, the other half by local law enforcement officials. In 2011 there were 454 traffic accident fatalities, 199 in which a driver was impaired by either drugs or alcohol. Of that 199, 135 were impaired by alcohol… Continue Reading »

On April 17, 2013 the United States Supreme Court will take up the question of whether prosecutors may use in their case-in-chief a defendant’s silence during police questioning before an arrest and before being “Miranda-ized” – even when the defendant does not take the stand in his own defense. The case they are hearing to… Continue Reading »

Are even tougher DUI laws on the way? Most likely the answer is, “yes”. After two March DUI related fatalities that involved grandparents, a mother and an 11 day old baby, lawmakers are again weighing-in on how to respond to DUI offenders. As all DUI attorneys know, lawmakers have steadily stiffened penalties for drunken driving… Continue Reading »