Monthly Archives: September 2011

On Friday a car crashed into an apartment in Lakewood, Washington injuring a man inside the apartment. The car allegedly drove through the wall of a ground floor unit at the Emerald Village Apartments and hit the man while he was playing X-Box. He was allegedly trapped underneath the vehicle for a period of time.… Continue Reading »

Assault and battery charges do not just arise in Washington State. Unlawfully using force is a crime in all fifty states. To that end, Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski has been criminally charged in California with misdemeanor battery and false imprisonment for allegedly using force against a woman in September of 2010, according to news… Continue Reading »

Seattle Police Sergeant David Abe has apparently chosen to retire in lieu of being fired by the Seattle Police Department. Sergeant Abe was a police officer for nearly 33 years. The decision was made after an internal investigation found misconduct in Sergeant Abe’s supervision of DUI arrests; an audit found dozens of SPD DUI cases… Continue Reading »

According to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, one in six veterans returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has a substance-abuse problem and one in five has symptoms of a mental disorder or cognitive impairment. In response to this, the Seattle Municipal Court is set to open a special court September 20,… Continue Reading »